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Your host, comedy music singer/songwriter Red Peters, scans the planet

to find and celebrate funny, outrageous, uncensored, original songs! 




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Mar 31, 2014

Hello Music Lovers-

We’ve all been in relationships where it’s almost impossible to utter the “L” word. And right at that vulnerable moment, when you turn to your partner to say, “I l-l-l-lo…”, it just won’t come out! 

And then when you’ve finally built up the nerve and you’re ready to express how...

Mar 27, 2014

Hello Music Lovers-

Since I’m from the Northeast and have a wicked Boston accent, even when I travel in the United States, people have a hard time understanding what I’m saying. 

So I can imagine and sympathize just how frustrating it must be to visit a foreign country and not being able to communicate. 


Mar 10, 2014

Hello Music Lovers- 

Is there really such thing as a one night stand without consequences? 

Find out when you hear Song Snatch #67 from Larry Pierce and his band -itis, the prolific singer/songwriter from  Middletown, Indiana who shares one of his experiences in his song, “All I Did Was Just Fuck Her”! 


Mar 6, 2014

Hello Music Lovers- 

Every day, we all try to figure out what expression of love our mate requires to make them happy and keep the peace. 

I have a pretty good idea about what I need and want, and actually, it’s pretty simple.

Here it is in a nutshell perfectly described in Song Snatch #66 in a great love song from...

Mar 3, 2014

Hello Music Lovers- 

It never ceases to amaze me how unlimited the subject matter is of a songwriters’ imagination. 

And just when you think you’ve heard everything, a song shows up in your inbox that has you both chuckling and shaking your head in disbelief.

Check out such a song in Song Snatch #65, by the...