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Jul 3, 2013


I’m from the school that when you are told by the authorities that you can’t say or shouldn’t say something, you say it anyway, just to defy them.

But with humor, of course! 

Help me celebrate Independence Day and exercise our freedom of speech by tuning into Song Snatch #18 to hear a song that I, Red Peters recorded in 2005 that challenged censorship and bolstered Howard Stern’s battle with the FCC before leaving terrestrial radio. Even the bleeped version was eventually banned on his show, but became the very first song to play uncensored on The Howard Channels when he moved to Sirius Satellite Radio.

You be the judge. Here’s the unbleeped version of my song, “I Can’t Say These Things”. 

(episode running time- 4 minutes and 21 seconds) 

(You can find both the bleeped and unbleeped versions of “I Can’t Say These Things” and all my other songs at, and at itunes, amazon, napster, rhapsody, oglio and all fine download sites.)