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Aug 18, 2017

Hello Music Lovers-

Every time I hear “Sweet Caroline” at the ball park and the crowd sing, “Uh, oh, oooooh…”, I think of another song by the British group, Smokie that also has a similar call and response.

Smokie released “Living Next Door To Alice” in 1976, a sad song about a young man’s long standing unreturned love for the girl next door who moves away. It was a pretty big hit in Europe and the United States.

As years passed, the band noticed a phenomenon while touring in Ireland.

Whenever they sang the main line, “For 24 years/I’ve been living next door to Alice”, the audience would shout, “Alice? Who the fuck is Alice?”

So in 1995, the band went into the studio and recorded a new version, this time a duet with the controversial, English comedian, Roy “Chubby” Brown using the new lyric and the song shot up the charts once again.

Tune into Song Snatch #223 and join the sing-a-long to Smokie and their very catchy tune, “Living Next Door To Alice”!

(episode running time- 5 minutes and 35 seconds)

(You can learn more about Smokie, hear their music and watch videos at, and watch a video to this song at Smokie youtube video