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Jan 5, 2015

Hello Music Lovers-

Happy New Year!

Please find posted the current all-time TOP 20 song downloads as of January 1, 2015.

As predicted, the Christmas songs proved most active in popularity and a total of 7 holiday songs crowd the Top 20. 

"The Closing Song (Get The Fuck Out)", a song I recorded with Dumpster Punch, remains at #1 with a firm lead.

Larry Pierce had serious upward movement and holds a strong #2 place with his down and dirty blues tune, "Merry Fuckin' Christmas".

Red Peters and Margaret Cho's holiday duet, "The Christmas Gift (Just A Little Christmas Blowjob)" enjoyed heavy download activity and moved swiftly up the chart to #4.

Francine, The Queen Of Obscene has two songs in the Top 10 now, "He's An Asshole" holding firmly at #3, and her holiday favorite, "Naughty Or Nice" entered at #10.

"I'd Like To Fuck The Shit Outta You" by David Allan Coe continues it's popularity to climb to #9.

And the two other original survivors that remain in the Top 10  "There's A Critter Up My Shitter" by Alabama Big Earl at #7, and "I'm Too Tired To Masturbate" by Uncle Carl holds at #8.

Bubbling under at #11 is the ever popular "Grab Your Ankles, I Love You" by Brian Weeks, and the very first Song Snatch, "Aw Fuck You" by Dickie Weed holds tough at #13.

The two "Blow Me" songs by Red Peters, the original with the Alan Pinchloaf Singers is at #16, and his new duet with Todd Rundgren holds at #14.

The first Artist Spotlight featuring Ed Hamell stays in the Top 20 at #15. His song, "Coulter's Snatch" continues to be a strong fan favorite.

And finally, "Why Me God? (Everybody's Fucking But Me)" by Durwood Douche' enjoys the #18 spot, along with one of the all-time favorites, "5 Big Boners Wiggling In Your Grandma's Face" by Rappy McRapperson rounds off the last spot at #20.

It's been a very exciting year for The Song Snatch in 2014 amassing more than 150 original, uncut and uncensored, adult comedy songs.

This is the only such collection of songs anywhere in the world and on the internet.

Take some time and peruse the entire collection. 

I guarantee you'll have a few laughs, shake your head in disbelief, and go away with the knowledge that creativity is alive and well in the music world.

Keep an eye and an ear cocked in 2015 for lots more funny and filthy songs!

Thanks for tuning in and if you hear or know of any songs or groups that should be featured on The Song Snatch, write to me or send mp3s to

Until then, keep taking the pills and don't scratch.

All the best in 2015-

Red Peters