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Enjoy the best new adult comedy songs in about 5 minutes or less!

Your host, comedy music singer/songwriter Red Peters, scans the planet

to find and celebrate funny, outrageous, uncensored, original songs! 




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THE new! TOP TEN is here!

Nov 30, 2013

The new! TOP TEN for November is here!

Did your favorite song make the list?

Or did it move up or down a notch or two?

Hear all the hits below and put your stamp on next months' TOP TEN!

Remember... the SONG SNATCH is for

imMature Audiences Only!


If you're sick and tired of hearing the...

Nov 28, 2013

Hello Music Lovers- 

This being high school and college reunion season, it got me thinking about the many factors that motivate or drive a man to become financially successful and powerful in life. 

But have you ever heard of the “…couldn’t get any pussy in high school” theory?

Hear all about it in Song...

Nov 14, 2013

Hello Music Lovers- 

What’s with your co-worker Bob?

(we’ll call him Bob to protect the innocent) 

Bob takes frequent breaks and trips to the bathroom on the job and everyone’s beginning to wonder if Bob’s got a problem or some kind of medical condition. 

Just what does he do in there? 

You better not ask...

Nov 7, 2013

Hello Music Lovers- 

Is there anything that matches the excitement, the build-up, the anticipation, and the eventual fulfillment of your first sexual encounter with someone new? 

And at the point of consummation, when you’re at the peak of your vulnerability, whatever happens or is said at that point, can have...