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Enjoy the best new adult comedy songs in about 5 minutes or less!

Your host, comedy music singer/songwriter Red Peters, scans the planet

to find and celebrate funny, outrageous, uncensored, original songs! 




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Jan 30, 2014

Hello Music Lovers-

Remember a time, not too long ago, that whenever you’d check your inbox, you’d find tons and tons of ads and junk mail for male enhancement products? 

It didn’t matter whether you were a man, woman, or child, you couldn’t escape it. 

These “in your face come-ons” were everywhere-...

Jan 27, 2014

Hello Music Lovers- 

In America, the 1st amendment protects our freedom of speech and there are some artists who challenge it’s boundaries that are fearless, take big risks, and are true originals. 

Check out a guy with balls of steel and a wicked sense of humor in Song Snatch #56, and hear the Ossining, NY acoustic...

Jan 23, 2014

Hello Music Lovers- 

There’s a dilemma that’s every guys nightmare… something comedians have been joking about for decades. 

But could it happen to you? 

Does that certain “favor” vanish after a woman takes her wedding vows? 

Hear one man’s story in Song Snatch #55, as Chicago warbler Nixon Abria sings,

Jan 20, 2014

Hello Music Lovers- 

Have you ever been with a close friend or buddy and you both say the exact same thing at the exact same time? 

Similarly, have you ever had one of those “fill in the blank” moments and you and your friend say something entirely different at the exact same time? 


Tune into Song...

Jan 13, 2014

Hello Music Lovers, 

How do you memorialize a man with a wild spirit who was known for, amongst other things, coining a very funny off color phrase? 

Well, for starters you have the letters WYF carved onto his headstone. 

Then you take his expression and turn it into words and music and record a song. 

Hear what his...